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How To Display Art in Pine Lake


Where are the public art exhibits displayed?

Pine Lake’s public art exhibits can be seen on the Art Wall in front of the Public Works building on Clubhouse Drive near the intersection of Forrest Road, as well as various permanent and temporary locations around the city.

Who may apply to exhibit artwork?

Individual exhibits: Usually individual exhibits will feature Pine Lake artists. (Although strong preference will be given to Pine Lake artists, some special exhibits by artists outside of Pine Lake may be approved.)

Group exhibits: Any group may apply, but the organizer of the project (who will fill out the application) must be from Pine Lake. (Preference will be given to group projects that encourage community involvement.)

How many exhibits will be produced each year?

At the Art Wall, MAP anticipates hosting 1 or 2 long term exhibits on the Art Wall each year, with the potential for an additional 1 or 2 short-term or pop-up exhibits.

● Long-term: 3-12 months
● Short-term: 1-3 months
● Pop-up: 1 day - 1 week

Individual Public Art installations throughout the City do not follow a regular schedule.

What are the dimensions of the Public Works Art Wall?  

Download these scale drawings of the Art Wall to determine the dimensions.


Full Width Diagram


 Post & Bar Detail


Who chooses what gets to be on display?

The MAP’s appointed Curator reviews information regarding each new proposal for public art to determine if an Artist Selection Panel is needed and nominates individuals for that panel to MAP for approval. The Curator or Artist Selection Panel reviews art proposals and submits recommendations for selection or rejection to the MAP, which considers final artist selection and provides recommendations to Pine Lake City Council for final approval.  

What are the criteria for choosing art?

The following criteria will be used to identify suitable public art for display: quality and Integrity of work: high artistic standards are maintained for artworks displayed in the City.
● Artworks shall be compatible with the character of the community and shall support a vision for the City's mission and values.
● Artwork approved for installation shall be appropriate to the site, scale, historical and ecological environment of the City.
● Artwork approved for installation shall be designed for outdoor display and shall be sufficiently durable to withstand exposure to the elements for the duration of the exhibit.
● No artwork shall be accepted for public display that denigrates, belittles or insults any person, group, or organization.
● No artwork shall be accepted for public display that includes profanity or portrays violent or criminal act.
● No artwork shall be accepted for display that includes signs, logos, mascots or other commercial references.

How do I apply to be an exhibitor?

Just fill out the online  Application Form