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Passed this Year

Ordinances are written laws adopted by the Council that serve as permanent, enforceable laws, unless amended or repealed through the adoption of a new ordinance.

Resolutions deal with matters of a special or temporary nature. They formally express the Council’s opinion or will. They are adopted by an official vote and result in a separate document that goes beyond simply recording an action taken by Council in the minutes.


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Date Passed Ordinance Number Description
6/25/2019  01-2019 Fireworks In the City Park; to provide for Special Use Permits (revision)





Date Passed Resolution Number Description
01/14/2019 R-01-2019 Establishing Date for City Election for the Purpose of Electing a Mayor and Council Members for Post #1 and Post #2; Establishing Fees and Dates for Qualifying of Candidates; Establisting Dates for Voter Registration and for other purposes.
3/11/2019  R-02-2019 Grants authority of the Municipal Court to establish a schedule of fees to defray the cost of court operations from $25.00 to $26.50
3/11/2019  R-03-2019  To adopt the revised Bond Schedule effective April 1, 2019
4/30/2019  R-04-2019  To amend the General Fund and Capital Improvement Budgets
6/25/2019 R-05-2019 To set the 2019 millage rate at 21.530